Cities of Death Rules Discussion

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Cities of Death Rules Discussion

Postby Draaen » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:54 pm

After playing a couple of games in cities of death it became apparent that the game plays significantly differently. Since we are going to be having a cities of death campaign coming up I thought it would be good to make up a really brief review of the important and powerful rules so people hopefully are not caught by surprise.

General Gameplay:
Summary of changes
Additional point of AP if you are higher then your opponent
+2 to saves in hard cover (which is most cover i.e. ruins)
Obscured is -1 to hit based off of true line of sight. (1 pixel for each model in a unit or 50%+ of a vehicle)
Roads give +3" movement to models who do not have the fly keyword.

Obscured vs being in cover. Since obscured operates off of true line of sight you can be in cover without being obscured and be obscured without being in cover. So if you are in a building but one duded is standing on top of a ledge so enemies have full view of him he will have cover but will not be obscured. Alternatively a guy in the streets may be hiding behind a friendly tank so that unit would be obscured but not have the benefit of cover. What this means is the worst place to be is street level in the open and the best place to be is up high in some ruins that partially obscure all your models. In my few games I've played the player who lost is the one who moved out into the street. The cities of death rules recommend being generous when determining whether a unit is obscured so when in doubt the unit is obscured.

So for a shooting based army there is going to be a lot of additional -1 to hit modifiers and models in ruins will be more survivable. My humble kroot will be -1 to hit and have a 4+ save in ruins let alone something more durable like stealth suits or intercessors.

So being able to ignore cover, getting line of sight on a model and getting higher then your opponent is very important. Seriously ignore cover is worth its weight in gold. Being able to make your opponent move out of cover onto the street is like hitting the jackpot.

So like any set of stratagems there are stinkers, situational and amazing stratagems. Here are a couple you may want to think about using with your 5 free CP.

2 CP Sewer Rats: Deep strike an infantry squad which may be nice for a unit which cannot normally do this especially when combined with
1 CP Breaching Clear: If you assault only 1 unit wholly within a ruin you can change one of your die results to a 6. This can guarantee a charge and nearly guarantee it out of deepstrike.
1 CP Blood in the Streets: Re-roll wounds vs one unit on street level who is neither in cover or obscured. Just plain awesome vs vehicles who cannot get off street level and struggle to get cover and obscured.
1 CP Plunging Fire: Add another point of AP if you are higher. Again combo this with blood in the streets to punish something out in the open
1 CP Master Snipers: Weapons that can target characters ignore cover. Plus they ignore any minuses to hit if they have not moved.
1 CP Grappling hooks: Ignore vertical distances when moving. Really nice to line up an assault or get into or out of a tall spot.

1CP Fortifications:
4+ Invul
Generate a CP on a 5+
Re-roll 1's to hit.

Warlord Traits:
Your warlord shots ignore cover - My cold star commander is super scary with this.

So as you can see there is a lot to take in. I didn't even mention the additional special zone effects. I recommend practicing a game before jumping into the campaign. Cityfight at it's best will be a bit of a chess match with both players trying to catch each other out in the open. At its worst if one player is unaware of the effect of all the rules changes they will face a serious uphill battle as their opponent will claim all the substantial positioning bonuses. Which would be an unsatisfying game.

This does give melee a nice boost and smite doesn't care about your minuses to hit or additional cover saves so there is that.

Hope this helps people jumping in for the first time to cut through some of the clutter in the rules set. Is there anything else out there that people have come across that is really good or a negative play experience to watch out for?
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Re: Cities of Death Rules Discussion

Postby MrScotty » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:35 am

Yeah, it's definitely a different experience from standard games, and it is definitely smart to see if there are any things in your codex (if you're playing a shooty army) that ignore the benefits of cover.

It is worth remembering though that "Ignore Cover" in this edition is "Don't gain the benefit to their save for being in cover" so even if you do ignore cover you DON'T ignore "Obscured." A couple other stratagems you might care about:

1CP: Change a piece of Soft Cover to Hard Cover
1CP: attempt to destroy an objective you control, turning any building it's in to Dangerous Terrain.
1CP: Make your vehicle immune to Height Advantage for the whole game
1CP: Hold on to your overwatch until your opponent makes the charge roll, if they succeed, you fire overwatch as if the charging unit were out of cover and within 1/2 range of all your weapons. Very useful to avoid the old "I'm going to stand behind this wall and charge you out of your LOS" or the "I'm going to stand just out of range of your flamers and charge you" tricks.

Also, for those of you whose warlords are not ultra-badass shooter persons, there is a warlord trait that grants 3 extra CP that can only be used on CoD specific stratagems.
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