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The Sinfony

Postby Kman2190 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:18 pm

Hi everyone, so I have my pseudo Slaanesh Daemonkin that I call the Sinfony. They're a mix of Slaaneshi daemons and Emperor's Children with a focus on lots o' noise. So alot of Noise Marines and daemonettes, I like to think the marines blast music and the daemonettes are a daemonic groupies. I have few names of my Emperor's Children characters so here's what I have so far:

Decimus: A Chaos Lord, a veteran of the Horus Heresy with his trusted power sword and bike. His squad of debauched bikers have roamed throughout the galaxy; scouring planets, outposts and ships for slaves, materiel and just for the sheer fun of it. Before each deployment, Decimus injects a strong dose of his Intoxicating Elixir along with the standard issued combat drug given to everyone else. This deadly cocktail of stimulants elevate Decimus to a legendary level of skill and strength. How he came across his Elixir, no one exactly knows, they just know that Decimus has had a few too many close calls to get his hands on it.

Vibius: A Noise Marine Champion whose has been with the Emperor's Children and his squad of degenerates since the Horus Heresy. He's one of the more experienced veterans so he's been tasked with leading a large squad and to reward his centuries of service, Slaanesh himself bestowed upon him an Icon to better worship the Young God on the battlefield.

Calcath: Like his comrade, Vibius, Calcath has been on the frontlines with his squad for centuries, overseeing his squad's use of Blastmasters. He and Vibius have been rivals ever since the days of Heresy and both have been hell bent to out do the other. Their superiors are aware of their bitter rivalry but have only encouraged it since it usually results in an exemplary performance from both warriors.

Enri: A Chosen Champion that leads a squad of Palatine Blades into battle. He is one of the few remaining members of the once highly regarded Palatine Blades. Enri was able to keep together a precious handful of his fellow swordsmen after the centuries of war had whittled the Palatine blades to a fraction of what they once fielded. Decimus had brought them into the Sinfony's fold with the promise of having the chance to carve their names into the galatic consciousness; with their blades as their pen, and their victim's blood as their ink. As of yet, Decimus has not let them down.

Ionus: The Sinfony's chief Sorcerer and connoisseur of all things depraved. Whereas his fellow Emperor's Children seek to satiate their excesses through earthly means, Ionus incorporates the raw power of the warp for his pursuits. Having meddled with the warp's influence for so long, Ionus has been able to harness and master a number of powers that enthrall himself and his comrades. These same powers can be endured by the Emperor's Children but it can send their enemies into an ecstatic spiral straight into the Warp. Ionus casts these powers from his bike, he seeks to heighten the experience of war for the lucky few who are involved to witness the Sinfony's song. Tagging along are his pets, a couple of spawn, Ionus never divulges how he came across his pets and Decimus does not want to push the issue.