Drakeslayers and Deathpack characters and backgrounds

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Drakeslayers and Deathpack characters and backgrounds

Postby Sandtiger » Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:17 pm

Character names and backgrounds

A note about names – I have a little system in place where the guys get to be X the Y (like Hjalmar the Swift and Olaf the Indomitable) once they attain rank and then when they are appointed to a “heroic” rank like Wolf Guard Battle Leader they get a proper last name (i.e., Hjalmar the Swift becomes Hjalmar Swiftfoot). You’ll see that implemented more if we ever get to a point where I think that Hjalmar deserves more than the temporary 1-time promotion I gave him to try out I think 4 Wolf Guard Battle Leaders together. This has some exceptions (such as Rognvald the Black) according to the rule of cool and personality traits but not very many.

The Drakeslayers

Krom Dragongaze – Wolf Lord of the Drakeslayers Great Company.

Jorn Flintfang – Krom’s equerry and leader of the Drakeslayers Wolf Guard Terminators squad, Jorn’s Voidshields. Newly elevated to Wolf Guard Battle Leader.

Raegir Flintfang – Jorn’s brother (we haven’t seen him yet) and leader of Krom’s Voidclaws formation, Raegir’s Voidrippers. He and his entire team wield double Wolf Claws. He and his brother have a friendly competition going about who can kill the most people.

Rognvald the Black – Senior Rune Priest assigned to Krom’s Drakeslayers. Is rather secretive, keeps to himself, but very loyal to Krom and the Imperium. Advises Krom in the war councils. Wields a Rune Sword in battle and has Psyker Mastery Level 2. Specializes in Biomancy, but can do other things too.

Thorgard the Tempest - Junior Rune Priest, Rognvald's personal student. Wields a Rune Axe in battle and is Psyker Mastery Level 1. Specializes in Tempestus.

Arnulf the Firestoker – Wolf Guard Pack Leader of Arnulf’s Huscarls (Wolf Guard with combi-flamers). Has a fascination with fire and how it can be used.

Eirik the Unbowed – Wolf Guard Pack Leader of Eirik’s Lightning. Wields Combi-plasma and Storm Shield in Power Armor. Has seen it all, done it all, and has survived almost everything.

Haakon the Wise – Leader of Haakon’s Wyrmblades, Long Fangs Ancient. Is spotter for his team of Missile Launchers and Lascannon.

Daemon's Bane - Stormfang Gunship

Lux Lunae - Stormwolf Transport

Frostbite - Razorback Transport

Frostclaw - Razorback Transport

Claw of Russ - Rhino Transport

Morkai's Aegis - Rhino Transport

The Icefangs (Formerly the Deathpack)

Brynjolf Icefang – former leader of a roving Space Wolves Deathpack squad that was loyal to Krom Dragongaze and was sent to areas that needed help, sometimes given more autonomy than others due to the nature of his work. He has named his krakenbone sword Oathkeeper. Was formally raised to Wolf Lord after defeating Ivanus Enkomi and Asterion Moloch in duels, and given his own Great Company - the Icefangs.

Jorn the Winteraxe – Dreadnought with axe and shield. Awoken and deployed rarely. Advises Brynjolf when necessary.

Leif Whitemane and Arnstein the One-Eyed – Iron Priests on Thunderwolves who advise Brynjolf on strategy when not in the field.

Hjalmar the Swift – Sergeant #1 of the TWC, leader of the 4-man, 6-man, and one 3-man squad of TWC, the Stormwolves. Wields Storm Shield and Wolf Claw. Took over the TWC squad after Brynjolf was promoted from TWC Leader to Wolf Guard Battle Leader. Promoted to Wolf Guard Battle Leader after Brynjolf was promoted to Wolf Lord.

Olaf the Indomitable – Sergeant #2 of the TWC, leads a 3-man squad of TWC, the Anvilbreakers, when necessary to split the squads for more mobility. Wields Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. Joins Hjalmar’s squad when not leading the Anvilbreakers.

Bjorn the Stoneslayer – Pack Leader of Bjorn’s Bloodhunters (Blood Claws). Wields Wolf Claw and Storm Shield in both Terminator and Power Armor.

Ranulf the Fire-Eyed – Wolf Guard Pack Leader of Ranulf’s Firemaws (Grey Hunters). Wields a Combi-melta and Storm Shield in Terminator Armor.

Kjarl Grimblade – Wolf Priest who is one of Brynjolf’s closest friends. Rides a bike and wields a Crozius Arcanum and combi-melta in battle.

Combat honors:
Jorn Flintfang - got the kill shot on a Chaos Knight while fighting over relics in Round 1 of the Mirnovy Campaign.
Brynjolf Icefang - Challenged, dueled and defeated a chaos-tainted Scout Sergeant with Sergeant Telion profile (warlord kill achieved) during the Bloodsong Mirnovy Campaign event. Challenged and defeated both Ivanus Enkomi and Asterion Moloch in duels during a large Warp Storm after the events of The Gathering Storm.
Both the Deathpack and the Drakeslayers took part in the campaign finale of the Mirnovy Campaign, and the Space Wolves successfully held the left flank throughout the battle.
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