The Great War-Machine Begins Construction

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Re: The Great War-Machine's Construction

Postby Connman234 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:56 pm

Log of Iron Father Roan 2nd Month of M41 (Sol Sector) wrote: I walked through his many workshops. The smells of molten iron hitting my senses like the flames from hell. But this amuses me, for this reminds me of my latest work. I walked with purpose, fulfillment, and pride. Before my trek through the forges, I sent a single message. Many months had passed from my last correspondence, but the recipient will find my news favorable. I sent it based on the orders I received from ages past. It was only for words, but the message was clear.

Fun Fluff bit done. but it is done. The Mastodon is complete enough for me to declare it "fieldable". Because of this, I now have one promise to fulfill, and then pictures will be posted.
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