Visarch Asurmen conversion

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Visarch Asurmen conversion

Postby The cosmic serpent » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:35 am

I think with a few cuts and bit swaps I could take a Visarch model and turn him into a pretty slick Asurmen conversion that should be the pants off of the old 90s sculpt.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the conversion? I can always green stuff a yin-yang on his chest or paint one on his cowl. Not really sure why he needs one though, maybe the Aeldari visited China at some point?

I think I would take an Avenger Exarch helmet or one of the older Autarch helmets without mandiblasters or banshee amplifiers to use as a replacement. Could then take a DA Exarch shuriken catapult arm or have two hanging at his hips. I would trim off the incubi like stacks in the back. I think that could do it.