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Custodes Army Gauntlet Challenge

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:02 pm
by Connman234
As some people may know, I recently challenged myself with a build/paint gauntlet. 5 Days to paint 43 custodes. Well guys, I just finished the gauntlet. Granted, not picture perfect, but definitely presentable on the table.

Here is everything that I wanted to build/paint. The only things not shown are 5 custodian guard NOS and spray painted ,and a custodian Vexilla with Storm Shield that was already built.
Day 1) I already picked up some models from my large order on Thursday, but the rest of them came in on Friday. Needed to do a quick excursion to grab them. Overall, half of the models were built. The terminators were easy to build, but one thing I learned working on them was that the hip guards on all the custodes are horribly designed and were a pain to put on.
Guys Built
Trajann Valoris
15 Custodian Guard (6 with Storm shields and Guardian Swords, rest have guardian spears)
3 Allarus Terminators with Axes
Day 1.jpg
Day 2) The other half of the models were built. Now I like building more than painting, but for some reason I hated building the Wardens (Custodian Guard but with axes). Granted, I was basically building it so I was doing the exact same step 3 times, but it was such a slog. Once that was done, Retributor Armour in a spray can was my friend on Saturday.
Guys Built
5 Allarus Terminators with Axes
1 Vexilla in Allarus Terminator Armour
14 Wardens with Axes
1 Shield Captain with Axe
3 Vertus Praetors with Salvo Launchers
Guys Primed
Day 2.jpg
Day 3) Here is what many people saw me doing on Sunday. So many robes and hair tassels! After the painting those, I sat there and put astrogranite on all the bases.
Guys Painted
Day 3.jpg
Day 4) I washed everyone in Reikarth Fleshshade Gloss and really like the look on how they came out. Then came what I thought was going to be the biggest slog of the whole project. The weapon blades.
What I had to do for each blade was based on Duncan's guide on painting custodes. Note, this is on two sides of each blade.
Step 1) Kantor Blue base
Step 2) Sotek Green on the flat parts of the blade, but avoid where the blades dip down.
Step 3) Temple Guard Blue edge highlight the edges and bring a little bit on to the curvature of the blade
Step 4) Drakenhoff Nightshade the whole thing
Step 5) Temple Guard Blue edge highlight again where I just did the edge highlights
Step 6) Make patterns on the weapons using Temple Guard Blue and a detail brush that was just labled "Insane Detail"
Step 7) Guilliman Blue Glaze the whole thing
Guys Painted
Which Step I ended for the night
Step 2
Day 4.jpg
Day 5) I finished everything in terms of the weapons, dry-brushed the bases using longbeard dry, and glued them onto the bases. With this, the project is complete. 3180 points in total was painted, and I am pleased with the fact that I was able to do it. My personal favorite parts of the complete models are the weapons. They are all interesting and definitely worth the effort.
Day 5 (1).jpg
Day 5 (2).jpg
Day 5 (3).jpg

Overall, there are worse ways to spend a 5 day weekend, but I am very happy that I had the determination to do it and succeeded.

Re: Custodes Army Gauntlet Challenge

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:50 pm
by Terminator_X
Spence you're a madman lol

Re: Custodes Army Gauntlet Challenge

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:52 am
by The Titanz0r