Will this work out how I think it will?

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Will this work out how I think it will?

Postby Darth Hoodie » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:05 pm

So I have been doing a bit of digging around the "Imperium Index 2" (Yea I know I just casually waited a year and a half before really breaking into it.) and after a bit of digging and checking out the FAQs I realized something kinda cool. Inquisition Acolytes may just be the most flexible unit in the game, for 8 points you get a GEQ that can take nearly any weapon available to the armies of the Imperium. Sure he is only BS/WS 4+ but with the quarry special rule against the right targets he is his own walking talking mini Bobby G AND he can act as a "meat shield" to soak up wounds for an infinitely more valuable Inquisitor!

Acolytes are an Elite Choice that can be taken as either single models OR squads up to 5 guys. Want to fill out a vanguard detachment? Take an inquisitor and three "units" of lone Acolytes to fulfill the formation requirement and effectively gain your 5 Wound Inquisitor 3 chances to shrug damage. OR you can get gamey with it. I have been toying with the idea of running "Melta Teams" A Vanguard Detachment allows you to run 6 Elite Choices with a Single HQ choice. I am curious, with how the split fire mechanic works how many headaches could you cause your opponent if you suddenly drop 6 2 man squads on his face, One with a melta and the other with just a the bog standard "Boltgun/Chainsword" loadout of an Acolyte to act as an ablative wound.

Sure Guardsmen are not hard to kill, but what happens when you are forced to split fire at 6 different small squads of them to try and wipe out Melta Guns in your face? It is a "cheepish" distraction carnifex that could prove quite a daunting target to take out. I was also toying with the idea of taking 5 (2 Man Melta Squads) sticking them inside of a Drop Pod with the "Authority of the Inquisition" Special Rule and PRAYING that I can hit something with 10 Melta Shots re rolling hits and wounds against the appropriate targets.

Is all of this theory hammer worth it in the long run? Probably not. Will my Acolytes end up simply being the cheep meat shields my Inquisitors need them to be? Most Likely. Will anything stop me from trying to load up a drop pod with Melta Guns to drop on some poor souls head just to shout "Nobody Expects the Imperial Inquisition!" HELL NO!!!

I have been doing even more digging and the Sisters of Battle Repressor is one of the only Imperium Models that still has firing ports! IIRC 121 points for a dual heavy flamer T7 3+ 12 Wound transport that allows the dudes inside to shoot out? Sign me up! If only I could put them in a Land Speeder Storm... Stupid rule...
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Re: Will this work out how I think it will?

Postby MrScotty » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:46 am

So, having goofed around with Inquisitorial Nonsense myself a little bit, I've found it to be fairly fun. Mostly, I've run my guys as Specialists unless I was bringing them alongside my Deathwatch or running an Inquisitorial character with a fixed ordo (I have Coteaz because 'Murica). I just felt like if I knew I was up against a chaos army, picking the reroll hits and wounds one was kind of like taking my army to the table and swapping out all my weapons for flamers when I knew I was playing Nids.

A drop pod is definitely doable as a transport and I think you have the right idea, Inquisition works best hunting down enemy characters by slipping in with their tiny unit sizes and applying murdery weapons to the enemy's face directly. My personal favorite ways to transport them have been either transports that fly (5 2-man units in a Stormraven cause a lot more havoc than 1 10-man unit) or transports that want to be in the thick of it anyway (I use my admech assault drill for this)

The inquisitor wants to be a psyker, since pretty much every weapon is either less awesome than a force weapon or becomes a force weapon if you fight the right stuff - so unless you want a thunder hammer go for a force maul/axe/whatever. Inferno pistols I like a tiny bit more than melta guns if you have the bits for them just because you get to keep your other weapon as well, and it fights in melee. Storm Bolters are also obviously wonderful as they are in any list.
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Re: Will this work out how I think it will?

Postby Sandtiger » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:52 pm

There's an easy Space Marine equivalent to this in that Salamanders can put Vulkan He'stan in a Drop Pod along with 4 units of Company Veterans of 2s and 3s (9 bodies total) to really put the hurt on something ;) It's pricey though. Same for 9 Sternguard dudes.