Back Story for Radical Inquisitor army

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Back Story for Radical Inquisitor army

Postby SwordSworn » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:45 pm

Although their exact lineage is unknown, the renegade Scion unit known as Red Cell, was a shadow unit created by the Ordo Miliatrum. The name was originally intended to reflect its anti-terrorist functions. The unit would launch unannounced assaults on government complexes and imperial military facilities for the ultimate terrorism simulation for the Ordo miliatrum to determine defensive and public safety preparedness and were viewed as neccessary to demonstrate home world garrison forces and adeptus arbite law enforcement how to deal with the real thing.

But when their original leader died in prison, the unit began to unravel. To other members of the Inquisiton, the unit was always viewed as close to the edge, but became more and more extreme as time elapsed. Red Cell began attacking adeptus mechanicus facilities, and even adeptus Astartes as they adopted a 'purity first' agenda and viewing humans as enslaved to genetic engineering and mechanical augmentation they have become so helplessly dependant upon, and vowing to purify the human race by destroying astartes, mechanicus, or anyone using technology to augment their life as a means of freeing the Imperium of man.

At this point, Red Cell was out of control, and it is unknown how many astartes and mechanicus died due to 'accidents' the Red cell planned on their own. Finally, six months ago, it all came to a head after a small task force of deathwatch was dispatched to devastate the unit, the Deathwatch task force lost contact, and never heard from again.
Red Cell still operates, carrying out lightning fast attacks with surgical precision, attacking medicae facilities targeting anything related to further their "seek and destroy" objective. Acting as mercinaries, Red CEll offers their services to anyone willing to pay their hefty price as a means of gaining funding for their devious functions. Pledging alligentce to the highest bidder, and only for as long as the contract entails
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