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Re: The Rejects

Postby MrScotty » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:25 am

Ukromarine wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:46 pm
Thanks for responces, guys.

I got a landraider crusader with idea to transport more than one squad of termies, but possibly with an ancient for hit rerolls and chaplain for charge aid. Is it worth it to get a devastator squad, dread with lascanons or maybe even a stormraven to take down antitank?

Right now with the stuff i have built / painted I am planning to use BA termies as vanguard detach of 2 assault termies with ancient, chaplain and librarian along side the regular primaris batalion, so primaris can hold the line while termies deepstrike from behind the enemy lines. Eventually it would be cool to have a separate BA fluffy list at 2k tho

Can you still use doctrines if you run ultramarines with BA detachment? I know scions of gulliman stops if any non ultramarine forces are in the army
The Crusader is OK, but the fact that it has a transport cap of 8 terminators makes it only slightly better than the regular LR's cap of 5 - you can still only have 1 squad in there. Exchanging the lascannons for hurricane bolters is not amazing for this style of list because strength 4 shooting you will have a lot of. Chaplains want to be out on the battlefield walking around anyway(or better yet flying with a jump pack) because youneed them on the board at the start of the turn to use their prayers.

The Ancient, specifically with the Banner of sacrifice relic, is I think the biggest necessary thing for BA terminators. The second most necessary is a chaplain for +2" charge. 58% chance to get in on a 7 is waaaaaaaaaay better than 27% chance to get in on a 9 for the charge roll.

If you're looking at units to provide shooting support to your terminators, I think sticking with Ultramarines for that is better. Blood Angels does nothing for shooting, while ultras have a very good shooting trait, so I think it makes more sense to bring some Hellblasters or other support units you already have to help out rather than buying new models to add to the blood angels. That is not to say Devastators are bad though, they're really good.
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