Orks in Psychic Awakening Review

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Orks in Psychic Awakening Review

Postby MrScotty » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:29 pm

So the orks have finally gotten their rules in psychic awakening, and like most psychic awakening supplements a lot of it is kind of a side-grade. Some of the stuff gives marked improvements to some units that have been sitting around unused for a while (if you're a fan of walkers, you're a huge fan of this book) while some of it probably won't ever get used. There are four general sections: New stratagems, which are all universal, Kustom Jobs, new clan-specific psychic powers, and Subkulturs, which are the orky version of the choose your own chapter tactics everyone else has been getting.

Psychic Powers: The weakest part of the whole bunch here. To be fair, ork psykers are fairly expensive for having a single power cast (62pts, they can spend a CP to cast another one) and they're competing with Da Jump and Fists of Gork which are both extremely good powers that a lot of ork players build parts of their list around. If you've got 30 ork boyz in your list, you're not going to roll up to a table and decide whether or not to use Da Jump.

there are three I think are pretty solid:

Evil Sunz: WC6, select 1 friendly VEHICLE unit within 12”, result of test is 9 or more select a unit with 18+ wounds, you may reroll hit rolls with that unit.

Critically, this power is not "unmodified 9 or more", because weirdboyz have the ability to add 1 to their psychic tests for every 10 models near them, so you can actually get this up to going off on a 6. very good odds, even if it's also EXTREMELY likely that you'll peril. If you're building a list with a Morkanaut in it, and we'll get to why you might want to do that, this could be extremely nice to have, especially since morkanauts can still double shoot even outside of Bad Moonz clan. Also, you might use this to buff say 9 killa kanz, who don't care what clan they are.

Deffskulls: Maniacal seizure WC7 enemy unit within 18” suffers -1 to hit, and deffskullz improve AP by 1 when attacking that unit.

Neat. Deffskulls also tend to have a lot more rokkits than other clans, meaning the extra AP will be appreciated especially since they tend to have 1 rokkit per unit to take advantage of their salamander reroll.

other than those two, none that I'd take over Da Jump or Fists of Gork.

Next, we've got Subkulturs. Instead of the usual "pick two" sub-faction tactics, orks basically just get a pick one list. It affects only certain types of model, and a couple are good, others are just 100% worse than existing clan traits that affect all your models.

Take Savage Orks. Only Warbosses, Nobz, and Boyz, and they roll 3D6 take the highest when Advancing and Pile In 6". Uh, GW? One of the clans is already +1" to all moves, advances, and charges. That's just better than this other thing, and it affects all models, AND comes with a relic, psychic power, warlord trait, etc.

A couple of them I think could see use:

Boom Boyz: +1AP and S to rokkits and a few other explosive-themed weapons like Kilkannons.

Grot Mob: 6++ to GRETCHIN units, GRETCHIN Vehicles also reroll 1s to hit. (people will use this one because otherwise, grots can't get any clan cultur)

Flyboys: FLY models always have cover from attacks over 1" away. You might take this over bad moonz for a flyer wing?

So Subkulturs, also not super amazing. But now we get into some of the good stuff, the new Stratagems. Orks are already one of the most CP-hungry factions out there and they're about to get a whoooole lot hungrier. Good thing Grot CP-fuel battalions just got a shiny new subkultur!

Patch-up 1CP. Stompa, Gorkanaut or Morkanaut counts as having double the wounds remaining for the damage track.

Shokk Tunnel 1CP. A shokkjump Dragsta immediately uses its jump ability after shooting (suck it, Tau!)

Full Speed Ladz 1CP. A BIKER or DEFFKILLA WARTRIKE unit gets +1S after charging. Beautiful S8 big choppas on Nob Bikers!

The Biggest Boss 1CP. a Warboss gets +1S, +1A, 4++, your army must not include Ghazghkull. Well if you insist GW, I shall not buy and use your newly released model, instead I will give a regular Warboss this and the Killa Klaw and make him deal more damage than Ghaz for 1/3 the points.

Speshul Shells 2CP. Give a unit of flash gits +12" range. This is really nice to make Flash Gitz able to fire first turn without moving, preserving their 4+BS.

Kustom Job 1CP. Use before the game. Give one unit a Kustom Job, each Kustom Job can only be given once, and a unit can only have one Kustom Job.

And that brings us to the best section: Kustom jobs. Basically, relics you buy for 1CP apiece for your vehicles. Some of these are absolutely bonkers good. One of them might even make a Stompa usable along with the Patch-up stratagem and the Bad Moonz clan trait. You get a free Kustom Job if you bring a Mekboy Workshop, but...80pts vs 1CP? We get 5CP for like 160pts, and that comes with 30 free 6++ gretchin and 2 psychic power casts.

Blitza-Gatler: Stompa only. Supa-Gatler has D2, when rolling for psycho dakka blasta, reroll the D6 once per phase.

Sparkly Bitz: Killa Kanz, Deff Dreads, Gorka/Morakanaut, +1BS.

Da Booma: Battlewagon Bonebreaker Gunwagon. Replaces Kilkannon 36"R heavy 2D6 S8 -2AP D2.

Corksrew: Skrapjet. The first time this unit consolidates, it can immeidately fight again.

Forktress: BW Bonebreaka Gunwagon, Model has sv 3+ 5++.

Dirty Gubbinz: Killa Kanz/Deff Dreads, -1 to hit against them.

Squig Hide Tires: Speed Freeks, Battlewagon Gunwagon Bonebreaka Trukk. +2" to move.

Slug Gubbin: Gorkanaut only. Replaces Deffstorm Megashoota with 24 shots vs 18. When resolving an attack, if target within 12" add 1 to hit roll.

Some of these are absolutely bonkers! ork walker lists are 100% back, baby, as long as you've got the CP to buy them some kustom jobs. Killa Kan mobz in a gretchin detachment get a 6++, reroll all 1s to hit, and you can give the whole unit -1 to hit for 1CP. A deep striking Evil Sunz gorkanaut with the new Slug Gubbin shows up and shoots 24 BS4+ shots before charging into combat with a 78% success rate. You might even consider a Stompa with the new Bad Moonz power to give it a 2+ save and the fancy blitza-gatler.
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