Forgeworld stuff for sale at good price

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Forgeworld stuff for sale at good price

Postby Indy » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:58 pm

Hi all,

A contact of mine in the UK has a bunch of ForgeWorld stuff he is not going to use. He is offloading it for some pretty darn good prices.

Everything is assembled but unpainted.

Strikethrough denotes sold already.

From him:

"Mechanicum Cerastus Knight-Atrapos - £120.00
Cerastus Knight-Acheron - £120.00
Cerastus Knight-Lancer (Including alternative 3rd party resin shield)- £120.00
Spartan Assault tank (one of the older ones where all the tracks needed assembling - has 1 laser targetter missing for the side mounted las cannons) - £50.00
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank - £45.00
Legion Sicaran Venator - £45.00
Fire Raptor - £50.00
Legion Fellblade (has some added battle damage as it was intended for my defunct Death Guard) - £100.00
Legion Glaive - £100.00
Astraeus Super Heavy Tank - £160.00
Legion Deimos Pattern Vindicator - £35.00
Deimos Pattern Infernus Predator - £35.00
Deimos Pattern Infernus Executioner - £35.00
Thunderhawk (one of the last before the kit changed. Has a certificate but also some little pieces are missing/broken as it's been sat on top of said hobby cupboard the longest. Also has some poorly attempted repairs/gap filling) - £220.00"

Update: also added some FW Salamanders stuff including a Dreadnought, Rhino doors, transfers, special Terminators, and special flamey unit dudes (Pyroclasts?).

Pics of everything can be found here: ... _ijztKQjH

To make everything easier I'll have every shipped together to me as well as doing one big shipment to save cost. I'll collect via PayPal.

For what's it worth, we have first "dibs" on the above stuff before he sells it off locally or on eBay, so if you're interested, definitely speak up.

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