Looking for a paint commission or a model sale

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Looking for a paint commission or a model sale

Postby MrScotty » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:34 am

Hello friends, one of the things I've been trying to stick to this year is a zero-sum hobby budget, where I don't spend any money I don't make through my hobby. I'd like to buy some minis, and my hobby budget has run dry.

So what I'm looking to do is either sell some extra figures I have kicking around that I don't particularly need, or do a paint commission.

Models I have for sale:

-Eldar support weapon battery (fully assembled, unpainted, all three weapon options can be swapped without glue)

-3x Thunderwolf Cavalry (fully painted, no weapons glued on so they can be magnetized and swapped or geared how you like, probably good with the new codex)

-Tau Riptide (fully painted in a heavily weathered viorla scheme, built in the current competitive configuration with the heavy burst cannon)

and if you're interested in doing a commission, tell me what kit you'd like me to do and we can talk about pricing.
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