Perils of the Warp and Units of Psykers

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Perils of the Warp and Units of Psykers

Postby Draaen » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:53 pm

So I was just watching a battle report and a unit of psykers periled and a model was killed because of it. Perils of the warp states "If the psyker is slain by the perils of the warp... each unit within 6" immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds.".

Does the psychic explosion trigger if a single model dies and the whole unit survive or does the whole unit need to be wiped out to trigger the psychic explosion?

If the single model death does trigger the psychic explosion would the unit the model was in suffer the additional mortal wounds?

It kind of seems to me that you would trigger the explosion as the model rule says if the psyker dies which would imply single model. As they are a unit of psykers each model would be considered a psyker. Since the unit remains after the slain models die the unit would be within 6" of the spot the psykers died so they would suffer the effects of the psychic explosion(s).

If my interpretation is correct then if you had a unit of single wound psykers and lost 3 models to perils they would trigger the psychic explosion 3 times causing massive damage to their own unit. Which seems a little silly but kind of fluffy too. It feels like I'm missing something though so I was hoping someone who runs squads of psykers who may have looked into this could explain how it works and why.
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Re: Perils of the Warp and Units of Psykers

Postby Memento » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:32 pm

Depends on the unit of Psykers. Grey Knight squads, for example suffer the D3 mortal wounds within their squad if they perils. But the mortal wounds only explode if the last model in the squad is killed by the Perils.

TSons Aspiring Sorcerers have no such protections...

As with anything in this edition, it's helpful to refer to the unit in question for their specific rules. There are too many weird, one off exceptions to know for sure without checking.