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8/31/17 AAR: Black Templars vs Harlequins

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:18 am
by MrScotty
Last night, Tom and I had a great game of 40k using my new favorite system for pickup games: the open war deck.

We played 2500 of my Harlequins and Dark Eldar against his Black Templars/Miscellaneous Imperium. The mission we drew was a slightly tweaked Kill Points - whoever killed the most power levels at the end of the fifth turn won. Our deployment put us on short edges of the board in a long triangle that met at the center - theoretically, a couple units could deploy right next to each other if they wanted. And finally, we drew a Twist card that gave every model on the board +1 Attack. It was going to be a bloodbath!

Tom brought:

Black Templar Battalion+Supreme Command Detachment
-2 tactical squads with heavy bolter, plasma, and combi-plasma
-1 Crusader squad with 20 members, 10 scouts 10 marines, with 2 flamers
-1 Crusader squad with 10 members, all marines with 2 flamers
-3 lieutenants, one with jump pack, all with melee gear
-Chapter Ancient with both regular and super special relic banner
-Chaplain Grimaldus
-High Martial Helbrecht
-The Emperor's Champion
-Jump Pack Chaplain
-6 TH/SS terminators
-Land Raider Crusader
-Venerable contemptor dreadnought with special assault cannon

Imperium Elites Detachment
-Inquisitor Greyfax
-2 Jokaero
-5 Grey Knights purifiers in a Rhino

And I brought

Aeldari Brigade detachment
-3x wych squads
-1x Wrack squad
-2x Harlequin troupes, 1 with melta guns 1 with caresses
-Harlequin Troupe Master
-Harlequin Shadowseer
-Dark Eldar Succubus
-2x Death Jesters
-Harlequin Solitaire
-5x Hellions
-6x Reavers with blasters
-4x Skyweavers
-1x Voidweaver
-1x Ravager with Dark Lances
-1x Talos Pain Engine
-2x Raiders
-1x Venom
-2x Starweavers

The mission used the "roll off to determine who goes first" so Tom deployed mostly defensively, with the huge blob supported by Grimaldus, a Lieutenant and the Ancient behind a big LOS blocking building, the Land Raider and Rhino back outside of reach of my melta guns, and both tactical squads holed up in buildings at the rear to try and not give easy kill points. I deployed similarly, with the exception of the melta gun harlequins and the Shadowseer who deployed their starweaver right near the center of the board for a little threat.

Tom won the roll-off, having gotten a +1 for finishing first. The squad of Terminators+Jump Characters plop down and everything else moves up, without getting out of transports. All the shooting Tom's army can muster goes into the aggressive Starweaver and kills it, and unfortunately he's fresh out of bullets when the Harlequins inside pop out. He attempts to make several 9"-11" charges with his units and fails all but one, the jump pack/thunder hammer lieutenant managing to make it into the Reaver jetbikes. Down to 1 wound from the counterattack, Tom spends command points to let him attack again, and he takes the bikes down to a single member thanks to morale.

On my turn, I decided it was smarter to try and deal with the Terminators before fighting the rest of Tom's army. Two wych squads, the Harlequin bikes, the Shadowseer, and the Succubus pile out to shoot up and charge the terminators, all my anti-infantry firepower goes into the blob to start whittling it down, and all my anti tank firepower goes into slowing down Tom's army. The Land Raider gets chunked down to a couple wounds left by awesome Dark Lance rolls, and the melta clowns successfully pop the grey knights' rhino. Two terminators and the chaplain survive, and the terminators take out 2 harlequin bikes while the chaplain is unfortunately tied up by a Raider transport. The melta gun harlequins realize they brought a knife to a gunfight against the Grey Knights, and the purifiers chop them into brightly colored pieces.

Looking at the 3" move value on his land raider, Tom decides it's faster to walk, and everyone piles out of their transport. A list of independent characters long enough to take out Chuck Norris in the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny advances menacingly at the Harlequin lines, but again the Curse of No Charging strikes and they don't get in. The terminators put the team on their backs and take out the Harlequin bikes, but the wyches manage to finish them off. The chaplain still isn't finished killing the Raider.

All the Dark Eldar and Harlequins pile out of their transports and attack the crusader blobs. Sniper fire from the Death Jester and the wracks' Hexrifle kills the Chapter Ancient, meaning the relic banner that would have basically meant the death of anything I charge in with is gone. The melee harlequins and their troupe master charge straight over the blob with their flip belts and kill the Emperor's champion before he can swing, the wyches and wracks kill the crusaders and jokaero, and the Talos, Succubus and Shadowseer bring down the other crusader blob thanks mostly to Morale now applying to them. Dark Lances take the last wounds off the land raider.

Turn 3 is "Angry templar characters get mad that stupid space elfs killed all their buddies" turn. The wych squad, Starweaver, Voidweaver, Raider, Talos, Death Jester, last Reaver, and Troupe master get summarily murderized in short order, though the Wracks amazingly manage to roll 5 6s in a row for their overwatch and kill the first Lieutenant that charges at them before they die horribly. The Harlequin troupe survives by melee interrupting and killing the lieutenant attacking them, then making their 3 invuln saves against the Dreadnought.

I have to leave at this point so we tally up the points and it is a harlequin victory 75-55 (although the game should really have been much closer, Tom got screwed by the fact that the 6th terminator in his TH/SS squad added like 13PLs to their value)

Definitely an incredibly bloody battle as predicted by the Twist card and mission we drew, but Tom's got a very cool, unique space marine army and I hope to face it again sometime. MVP of the game on my side was probably the Wrack gunners, who never failed to extract serious value out of their 2 little piddly guns. The Hexrifle probably won me the game by taking 3/4 wounds off the Ancient, and the ossefactor removed about 150 points of marines all told, not bad for a 12 point upgrade. On Tom's end the Grey Knights were undisputed champs, scoring him at least 20 power levels of unit kills and taking a charge from a Harlequin troupe without even breaking a sweat.

Re: 8/31/17 AAR: Black Templars vs Harlequins

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:02 pm
by CarbonMagos
I've been really interested in trying open war; it seems like a ton of fun.
Also: I'm going to have Ultimate Showdown stuck in my head all day now, dammit.

Re: 8/31/17 AAR: Black Templars vs Harlequins

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:21 pm
by MrScotty
CarbonMagos wrote:
Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:02 pm
I've been really interested in trying open war; it seems like a ton of fun.
Also: I'm going to have Ultimate Showdown stuck in my head all day now, dammit.
In my opinion, it's the best mission set available at the moment, because it's actually designed for the way 8th plays: many of the missions are designed with sudden death objectives, or are achievable before an extremely late turn. Also, every mission ends at turn 5 at the latest. Also, many of the twists mitigate the issue of massive early-game casualties from alpha strikes, like the Night Fighting rule and Acid Rain.

Plus, it's a deck of cards, which means if I don't like one of the effects or my opponent and I feel it won't make for a fun game, we can just re-draw or remove it from the deck.

Re: 8/31/17 AAR: Black Templars vs Harlequins

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:03 pm
by Darth Hoodie
I had a TON of fun. Would %100 play that again and I plan on scooping up those cards myself!