AAR 8/6: Imperial Guard vs Eldar/Dark Eldar Konor Mission 2

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AAR 8/6: Imperial Guard vs Eldar/Dark Eldar Konor Mission 2

Postby MrScotty » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:15 am

I had a great game against CourierLuke's imperial guard this sunday. I ended up running an elite, monster-heavy Dark Eldar/Eldar allied list,
mostly because I'd had this fellow kicking around for a while:
and I thought he looked like a perfect Haemonculus for my silly, brightly colored eldar force. Unfortunately, this week I completely forgot to bring him because I am a dingus, so the very reason I built this whacky list wasn't actually present to lead it.

My list was:
Aeldaurhee 2k

Spearhead Detachment+Vanguard Detachment

HQ: Haemonculus with Stinger Pistol and Scissorhand
HQ: Farseer with Witchblade on Jetbike

Elites: 5x Wraithguard with cannons
ELites: 5x Wraithblades with axes
Elites: 4x Grotesques

Fast Attack: Clawed Fiend
Fast Attack: Clawed Fiend

Flyer: Hemlock Wraithfighter

Heavy Support: Wraithlord with sword, 2x Scatter Lasers
Heavy Support: Cronos with Vortex
Heavy Support: Talos with Splinter Cannons
Heavy Support: Avatar of Khaine

Luke's list:
Imperial Guard 2k

Brigade Detachment

HQ: Commander Pask with lots of guns
HQ: Tank Commander with lots of guns
HQ: Company Commander

Troop: 6x infantry squads 2 of which had chimeras. mix of flamers and plasmas for special weapons.

Elites: Commissar
Elites: Platoon Commander
Elites: Command Squad

Heavy Support: Basilisk
Heavy Support: Basilisk
Heavy Support: HWT with heavy bolters

Fast attack: Hellhound
Fast Attack: Sentinel with Heavy Flamer
Fast attack: Sentinel with heavy Flamer

Allied Raven Guard Detachment
5x Sniper Scouts
8x vanvets
1x Captain with jump pack and power axe

Knowing I would go second, I deployed pretty much everybody behind cover in two good sized ruins I had in my deployment zone.
The Guard deployed the Basilisks in the far corner, with a wall of infantry sitting in front of them, with all other tanks and vehicles deployed aggressively out in front of the infantry gunline.
Turn 1, an unholy amount of firepower rained down on the wraithguard. Unfortunately for the imperials, Wraithguard are actually really tough with T5, 3W, and 2+ save in cover. Only 2 died, with 2 wounds on a third.
Eldar turn 1, countless horrors exploded out of the buildings to assault the aggressively deployed sentinels and Hellhound. the Avatar of Khaine hacked one sentinel apart for first blood, and a lot of shooting from D-weapons plus a long charge from the Talos pain engine put 10 wounds on Pask and locked him in combat. The Wraithlord and Wraithblades destroy the Hellhound and the Wraithlord is able to consolidate into 2 chimeras.
The Guard infantry launch into "Hold the Line" mode, blasting away at the Talos pain engine, Wraithblades and Grotesques, and a contingent of Space Marines drop in to kill a Clawed Fiend.
The Grotesques, Talos, Chronos and Haemonculus assault and destroy the space marines, while they focus their efforts on trying to kill the Haemonculus, bringing him down to 1 wound and the Talos down to 4. The heroic Chimeras tie up the wraithlord and actually deal 2 wounds to it. the wraithguard and avatar of khaine finish off pask and engage the second tank commander, who is caught up against his own infantry line.
The heroic men of the guard, most of their fire support destroyed, offer up one more heroic volley of las fire into the unspeakable horrors approaching their lines. the Wraithblades and Wraithguard go down, and the Haemonculus gets sniped by the surviving marines avenging their comrades, but both pain engines and the avatar of khaine close on the imperial battle lines.
The game is called as the monsters plow into the infantry, as while the battle would most likely take the remainder of the game to resolve, the Guard would be unable to win on kill points even if they successfully destroyed everything attacking their lines.

What won this game was primarily deployment (tanks that my big monsters wanted to assault were the enemy's frontline, rather than the infantry which could tie me up) and the mission (I scored a lot of bonus points for 3+ units getting kill points, and my opponent had a LOT of available kill points with his brigade detachment) but I hope that my opponent had a good time regardless, and it was great to see two well painted and nicely contrasting armies clashing on an awesome board. Thanks for the game, Luke!
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Re: AAR 8/6: Imperial Guard vs Eldar/Dark Eldar Konor Mission 2

Postby Terminator_X » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:09 am

Love the Haemonculus!
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Re: AAR 8/6: Imperial Guard vs Eldar/Dark Eldar Konor Mission 2

Postby Sandtiger » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:42 pm

Sounds like a really fun game to have watched!