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Re: Crowning Moments of Awesome

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:47 pm
by Sandtiger
Draaen wrote:
Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:16 pm
So one day I am playing a 2 on 2 game against my brothers lizardmen and some high elves. I can't remember my ally but our left flank which had Jimbo and his chariot on it got absolutely wrecked turn 1 from spells and shooting leaving only Jimbo staring down a large number of saurus warriors supported with heroes. Rather then whine Jimbo said more skulls for me and proceeded to destroy one unit of saurus warriors after another. When there were no more enemies on the flank for him to kill he moved to the center and started running over the high elves shooting contingent. Everything lined up perfectly for him to get into combat run them down then overrun into another. Jimbo killed over 2000 points of models that day and was thus became Jimbo the great.
Do you still have Jimbo? I feel like he should have a place of honor somewhere in your house...

Re: Crowning Moments of Awesome

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:39 am
by Draaen
Jimbo has been happily pressed into service as a herald of Khorne in my new army. Better then a place of honour in my house he has achieved daemonhood and a chance to reap more skulls! I am trying to find a good daemonic chariot for him so he gets a bit of an upgrade overall. I may have to make one up pulled by a couple bloodthirsters. Bob also is getting a shiny new chariot when I get the new screamer chariot lol.

Re: Crowning Moments of Awesome

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:14 am
by Connman234
One of my favorites will always be the game I had with Eric (CarbonMagos). Early 8th ed, he deep-striked some melta dudes next to my Lord of Skulls. Shooting happened and only took off 6 wounds from 28. Knight charged in to my Lord of Skulls. All melee attacks hit. All Melee Attacks wound. 4 Demon Save Rolls result in three 5s and a 6. I retaliate. All Hit, S20 means wounding on 2+. All wound at AP-4 means 24 points of damage. Both of us went "uuuuuhhhhhhh" and checked the rulebook. 24 wounds on the knight. Knight is dead.

Also with Eric (CarbonMagos), I brought my knight list with his Catachan Soup. I got a Knight Gallant with Paragon Gauntlet into melee with some guard, characters, and Straken. I burn 2CP for Death Grip (Death Grip: Model with Thunderstrike gauntlet or Paragon Gauntlet only. Pick an enemy model that you are in melee combat with. Deal D3 mortal wounds to the model. Then both players roll a D6 and add your strength characteristic. If Knight beats enemy, Deal D3 mortal Wounds. Repeat until target is dead or enemy breaks free.). I got a 2 making my total a 10. Eric got a 6 making a 9...or so I thought. I was about to do the D3, until Eric says Straken broke free. I'm like "Why?".....Catachan have +1S making the total a 10, so Straken broke free. I was so mad that this giant knight that I was trying out all the fun things on, gets beaten by a lowly guardsman.

Re: Crowning Moments of Awesome

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:41 pm
by MrScotty
I had a game in 7th edition against Anthony right around the time that the original iteration of the Knights board game came out. I had my one knight, Anthony had an army of 4 or 5. For those that don't remember, in 7th when superheavies exploded, including knights, they used the "apocalyptic mega-blast" template to determine who they hit with their explosion.

The game ground on for a while, with some of my admech stuff going down, two of his knights going down, all his small contingent of skitarii going down, and it came down to all the models left being around the center of the board.

I charged my knight into his knight, we swung in close combat and both destroyed each other. The templates scattered in opposite directions, both of them directly on to one of the two other remaining knights - and the very center of the template was essentially "instant death". So those other two knights exploded, and their templates also heavily scattered, blowing up a couple of my regular vehicles.

When the dust settled, every single model on the board had been neatly killed by the resolution of the explosions. We happily called it a tie.

Re: Crowning Moments of Awesome

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:09 pm
by Eisenfresser
Wazzgit wrote:
Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:33 pm
Ridiculous story involving warpfire throwers

So, this isn't 40k, but is still GW and one of the most awesome and hilarious things I've seen happen in a game.

Waaaaay back in the early mists of time and the mid 90s, I was playing a game of Warhammer Fantasy with my Skaven. My opponent had brought his Chaos army. This was back when it was just Chaos. Not Chaos Deamons or Warriors or Beastmen. Just all of that under one banner. I went second and decided to open up my shooting phase with my unit of warpfire throwers (you could field them as a separate unit on there own then). So the first team of ratmen fire their oversized radioactive bellows-powered flamethrower at his Chaos Knights and cook one to a glowing cinder. Nice. The second misfires and hoses itself down and dies... Eh, more rat monsters where he comes from. The third also misfires.... It should at this point be noted the when a misfire happened you would roll on a chart. This stupid git panics and runs in a random direction into the middle of my central block of clanrats and explodes in a mushroom cloud. The 4th and final one just misses.

Did I mention that Panic was a rule in Fantasy? And that warpfire throwers automatically cause a panic check when they cause a casualty for any reason?
So my clanrats run off the table. Also Panic is catching... My Stormverin run, my Rat Ogres run, and down the line. The Chaos Knights run, causing the Warriors and beastmen and the FREAKING BLOODTHIRSTER to flee off the table.

At the end of my first shooting phase there was 1 unit of frenzied plague monks and a Khorne Lord on a juggernaut still on the table. Oh and that ONE warfire thrower team that paid attention during training.

We called it a draw and set back up after we stopped laughing.

That, that's, that's just beautiful. Thank you.

Re: Crowning Moments of Awesome

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:30 pm
by Sandtiger
I have a new crowning moment of glory for Captain Sandtiger Emberdrake!

This past weekend, Sandtiger Emberdrake struck the killing blow to end an Apocalypse game. At the end of the game, the situation was this: a Necron Cryptek had stolen an objective from us, in the form of a gem. I had to shoot down the squad that surrounded him (did it) and then I also had to shoot a pair of Daemon dogs off of another gem-objective (did it) and then Captain Sandtiger did exactly the amount of damage to kill the Cryptek and take back the objective that he had stolen from us. GAME. OVER. Much backslapping and attaboys was had.