Sandtiger takes on NOVA

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Sandtiger takes on NOVA

Postby Sandtiger » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:27 am ... 9632807140 ... 9807362330 ... 9850066750 ... 9998444400 ... 0271572050 ... 0270384430

Hey folks I am back from NOVA and had a GREAT time. I'm posting links to my personal Facebook profile to show off pictures as I took way too many to possibly post in this forum, I'm guessing something like 100 total over the course of the weekend.

During the 3 games that I participated in leading up to the Apocalypse game at the end I went 1-2, winning my doubles match and losing my 2 singles matches. In the Apocalypse game we ended up pretty much owning Table 1 and Table 2; I was on Table 2 and my primary contributions were to weaken and then knock out a bunch of Drukhari monsters that hit our front lines with one squad of my Wulfen and 2 Venerable Dreadnoughts, along with killing a Manticore and a squad of Guardsmen with my Stormwolf before it was shot down. I also successfully killed an enemy Warlord with my other squad of Wulfen. If the game had continued beyond where it ended I think we would have been working our way up the table into Table 3 and mulching whatever we could on our way but the enemy forces hadn't pressed down on us very hard so we were left without a lot to really do aside from move and run because nothing was in range of us to actually charge at, only shoot at (which was fine, we had plenty of lascannons and other long range shooting but it came to bear too late). In any case, Russ would have been proud of me, and so would Vulkan since I was holding objectives with my Salamander forces to earn us points.

Enjoy the pictures!